Real estate marketing: Become a successful Realtor online 2019

I can’t believe I did it? yes, I’m writing my first post for Real estate agents marketing and it’s one of the most interesting things for me. I don’t know what’s gonna happen who will read it where I’m gonna share it who will give me feedback. But my purpose is to share my experience and the things that I’ve learned over the years.

Something I’ve in my mind

“We learn from failure, not from success!” – Bram Stoker

So here is the list of things that I’m gonna share with you today

  • Why you are failing to promote yourself online?
  • What’s the best approach to real estate marketing?

Let’s begin

So if you are reading this article I’m sure you are either Real estate agent who has tried 123 attempts to become successful online and have that audience, tons of likes and comments on your posts but unfortunately fail or you want to become that superstar in your city and well known for real estate.

Let’s be honest?

I’d like to know who you are, seriously comment below this post and I might have something special for you to apply right away and get off the ground.

Why you are failing to promote yourself online?

There are a couple of things that you do online that’s why your effort doesn’t give you any RESULTS

  • Self-doubt
  • No mentorship
  • No Planning
  • No Goals
  • One time kicker (this is funny)


Almost every one of us has that self-doubt it’s not a new thing but the good news is it’s also something that you can overcome by practicing what you wanna achieve.

No Mentorship

Whether you believe it or not but mentorship is on the top of all because if you don’t know what you are doing you don’t understand it then you are wasting your time. A mentor is someone who walks you through all the steps that you have to take in order to become successful in what you are doing. Get mentorship from someone who has already done what you wanna achieve.

No Planning

Many real estate agents want to become successful online but they don’t have a plan. It’s like driving a car without knowing the location of where you are going. Must know your audience and target market if you have already failed after 123 attempts than this could be one of the reasons you didn’t know your target market. So always have a plan before crushing it online

No Goals

Goals are important and it keeps you on track and more accountable. You should always have goals for what you are doing and what kind of results you wanna achieve.

One time kicker

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. – Bruce Lee

This is true let me tell you something about this

99.99% of the time realtors fail online because of being one time kicker they write a social media and content creation plan do it for 2 days and then forget on the 3rd day.


Start over wait for the next week Monday or 1st of the month to start again.

Yes, the same thing again does it for another 3 days and then forget for the next 3 weeks so this is being one time kicker and no one actually see you in their newsfeed which results in 0 social media engagement which results in 0 audiences.

So if you really wanna succeed online you’ve to stay consistent on social media to build an audience.

What’s the best approach to Real estate marketing?

I’m listing a few things that you should do as a Realtor

  • Research the industry leaders
  • Make a plan of ACTION
  • Be Consistent

Research the industry leaders

If you are just starting out make sure you start researching realtors who are already successful online (success leave clues) make a list of top real estate agents who are promoting themselves online and have a good number of audience.

Find out what they’re doing on a daily basis follow them and keep an eye on the type of content they create on daily basis and how often they post what they talk about mostly.

Let me give you a few examples

These are some of the top agents on social media with a strong online presence. You can take the exact same step and become a superstar of your industry.

Make a plan of ACTION

Real estate marketing requires a plan to execute in order to generate results that last long. Make sure you make a step by step plan of action for your Real estate marketing strategy.

Have a step by step actionable plan so that you know what you are doing.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key to become successful online it requires a lot of hard work every single day.

To be on point. You have to basically produce content so that everybody on your newsfeed sees you at least twice a day.

Let me share something with you

if you cold call someone from your Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections they will already know you if you post at least twice a day and they see you in their newsfeed so obviously they remember you.

This is one of my personal strategy of cold calling I’ve learned I never do a cold call to someone until I engage with them on social media so when I call. The person on the other side already knows me when I say I’m Muhammad your Facebook friend or LinkedIn connection.

And I always get to hear this

Yes I know you

Be consistent and share valuable content that helps other people so they engage with your content and it actually increases the chances of getting in front of more people.

Final Words

If you have any question or want me to share some tips on a specific thing that you wanna learn about Real estate marketing feel free to comment below. Share this post with your real estate friends who wanna become successful online it might help them to get in the right direction.

Thank You

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