About Me

Muhammad Hayat is a 22 years old entrepreneur from Pakistan with many acknowledgments in the Ethical Hacking and penetration testing field. Acknowledge by companies like Google, Microsoft, Bit defender, Fastly, and many more for finding security vulnerabilities.
Along with security background, he is also a developer and has good knowledge of marketing.
He has worked with hundreds of clients building websites, web apps, and sale funnels.
Working with hundreds of clients he now has more than a hundred feedbacks and testimonials for the work he has done for clients.
Muhammad is about to launch his own platform for Real estate agents called eRealty.io it will automate the entire technical process for Real estate agents to utilize the digital world. Without having an IT team.
Muhammad mainly focus on Real estate industry helping Real estate agents to market themselves online to build powerful personal brand and audience. That result in more connections, leads and obviously selling more houses.
Muhammad have helped Real estate agents from world’s largest Real Estate brokerage. He well known for one of the top Real estate marketing expert.

What people are saying about Muhammad Hayat

Lance McHan — “I've only been working with Muhammad for a short time but I feel he understands my goals and what I'm trying to accomplish. Not only that but he seems very knowledgeable in the realm of internet marketing, YouTube, blogging ,and vlogging. looking forward to dominating my market with the help of Muhammad”

Kennis Ko — “Muhammad is an energetic person. He is knowledgeable to his skills and understands the project well. He is passionate to what he does so he go above and beyond delivering the result exceeding expectation. Highly recommended.”

KC Chow — “Muhammad is a hugely passionate professional who has a whole wealth of experience. He clearly puts his customers first and will go above and beyond to ensure the best possible solutions are found. I would highly recommend working with Muhammad!”

Snow Narksompop — “What I love about Muhammad is that he is a genius at what he does and as corny as it sounds, he truly does care about the people he helps and he has strong work ethics. Will definitely work with him again”

Andy Fernandez — “Highly recommend Muhammad for his services in web development and internet marketing. He is a true professional with excellent communication and technical skills – an expert at his craft. Muhammad has a clear understanding of customers’ needs, very focused/driven on business results, and can manage a project with minimal direction. His team delivered more value than expected with their service package offerings. Thank you.”

Mohsin Jamil — “Muhammad is a gem to work with. His upbeat attitude, professionalism, and approach are all fantastic. He is a hard worker who takes every task seriously and takes real pride in the outcome.”

Muhammad have worked with world's largest Real Estate brokerage

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